NOVAL SYSTEM – Commercial Headquarters

Noval System is the historical company of Noval Group dedicated to the trading of aluminum profiles, accessories, metal sheet and machines tools.
It has a Showroom placed inside the location in the industrial area of Cardito (Naples), which extends on all of 10.000 square meters.


Tradition, quality, accuracy, precision and craftsmanship of the past. All this, it is Noval System. With over 40 years of experience in the aluminum industry thanks to its founder and director Domenico Castaldo, Noval System is an enterprise that wants to evolve from generation to generation, to increase, to modernize and to improve but does not forget the values of the past, indeed it transforms them into a competitive force on the market.


The highly dynamism is due mainly to the ability of the younger generations to take up the baton, with the technical and entrepreneurial skills. Thanks to the passion still intact today Noval System has become a major national and international reality.


A growth which has its solid basis in the seriousness with which it follows each customer through a careful pre and post-sales service, that never leaves “alone” customers. Noval System is now able to satisfy the demands of the most demanding customers thanks to the professionalism that has always marked his work, the reliability of its products, the latest technology, the search for a refined design, the use of first choice materials, control of production systems, allow us to meet the needs and the evolutions of an increasingly growing and demanding.


Between tradition and innovation, Noval System has launched a window’s profile of aluminum/wood, which combines technology and performance with the refinement of aluminum and the warmth of wood. This is now Noval System: high italian quality, family tradition, entrepreneurial innovation and products, energy saving and environmental respect.


The renovation, a new trend in our industry, encourages us to redefine each time the range of products that we all along offer. The specialization gained by the experience made in these years and the commitment with which our organization has fallen in the market lead us to the continuous evolution and improvement.

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  • Strada Statale Sannitica Km 9.660 – Cardito (NA)
  • Tel.: 081.8319604 – 081.8344130
  • Fax: 081.8352609
  • E-mail: