In today’s market, often, the purchase of windows is subject to commercial evaluation that is price, without knowing what’s behind.
In fact the cost when choosing a supplier wrong increases exponentially, turning this into a damage that is placed in different areas of responsibility of the end user.
For this reason, all place the emphasis on value for money.
How can you compare two variables that have two different units?
The unit of measure of the price we know, in our case are the euro.
And the quality?
For you, dear friend, the concept of quality may already be different from that of your partner.
At Noval, always attentive to the needs of consumers, we have tried to make efficient assignment of a value to some qualitative categories.
Below are some practical tips for advice the category to which attach more value and then orient the purchase.

• The window should enhance the interior lighting favoring the entry of natural light
• Improve the insulation of the interior from the external
• Improve security against break-ins
• Ensure consistency with the interior design.

To our experience, we’ll want to suggest think about windows already in the design phase bearing in mind these three variables:

• Climatic conditions of the country of reference
• Performance values in terms of temperature and humidity of the masonry.
• Evaluation of the architectural style of the building.

Contact us to have a totally free support and guide you in choosing the most useful way for you.

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