For over 40 years, our customers benefit of advanced services to support their business.
Our solutions are designed to give to our customer a wide margin with a coaching and a constant presence over time.

Our manufacturers, focusing on the following points, have become leaders in their markets:

• They made welcoming environment in which you are receiving the buyers.
• They always have stocks of catalogs and advertising material.
• A clear division between workshop and exhibition space.
• An exhibition updated space with samples of all systems.
• Highly qualified employees and formats in terms of technical sales.
• Great orientation to the relationship with the customer and to listen to its needs.
• They do an excellent information collection because often the solution is already in the words of the customer.
• They present the offer with professionalism and attention of the detail.
• They care the installation phase in a detailed approach and update with the latest lagislations.
• They make actions on customer loyalty in the post-sale.
• They sell ancillary services to the clients to stay in contact with them even after the sale.

Domenico Castaldo, founder of Noval, continues: “Customers are looking for a nice welcoming smile, attention, good analytical skills, accurate advice, and short delivery times. They need to feel confident in their choices so as not to warn commercial pressure that creates cognitive dissonance.”

Still Domenico Castaldo: “I should point out that the final decision of the customer can often be influenced by manufacturers. So, the first step to sales success begins with an optimal understanding of the real needs of the customer. Manufacturers who listened closely to their customers and always respond with sincerity, are the ones who get better results”.

From the words of Castaldo family results that, nowadays, it has become very important to give details and references for performance, so as to assure a state of high quality.
After the sale is always agreed the next step, until you get to that delivery thus concluding the contract on time and in a professional manner respecting the agreements with customers.

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