What does thermal insulation mean?

The value of thermal insulation – An energy savings of 30%
The world’s climate is affected by human intervention due to the continued extraction and use of non-controlled materials.
The cost of non-renewable energies is increasing day by day, a factor that determines the cost of electricity. Nevertheless, there are some precautions you can take to lessen our environmental impact and reduce costs:
• To use insulating frames: everyone can contribute on the objectives mentioned above, since the higher energy cost of a home is used in the cooling/heating of the interior.
• To use aluminum: a 100% recyclable material, which ranks third in terms of availability of supply in nature.
• To choose thermal break and double glazing systems: it is demonstrated that the use of these systems lowers notably the cost of cooling/heating.

It’s shown that a thermal break window, compared to a simple cold system, increases the isolation of 30% which is transformed in an energy saving of about 20%.

What does thermal break insulation mean?

The insulation capacity of a window is not only determined by its ability to attenuate the passage of hot-cold through its structure, but also by the ability to prevent the spread of heat due to the materials of which it is composed.
An aluminum profile is called thermal break when the inner and outer parts are separated by an intersection composed by a special material (polyamide) characterized by its extreme insulation capacity and resistance to high temperatures.
This type of profile prevents the direct contact between outside and inside.

Which are key points for a proper installation?

• They only should be used fixing screws galvanized or stainless steel.
• Every false-frame should be galvanized.
• When using a thermal break windows, the use of false-frames is not recommended.

In this case, it is advisable to make use perimeter seals of insulation-wall.
• Any remaining space, between frame and wall, must be filled and properly insulated.

How to perfom a proper maintenance?

• Aluminum windows don’t need a lot of care, just a quick monthly maintenance which consists in cleaning of the frame, especially in the corners where they join the profiles.
• Cleaning can be done with a soft cloth, soap and water.
• Don’t use any type of solvent.
• Don’t use any sharp object to remove dirt.

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